Oriental Pavilion

Oriental Treasure

Noble House

Noble Mansion

Noble M

Noble Q

Noble Banquet

The Ming Room

The Han Room

Tang Room

Oriental Star

Seafood World

Oriental Landmark

Yu Kitchen

'Siew Mai'

‘Siew Mai’ with Ginger & Century Egg

Phoenix Jade Dumpling

Crab Ball with Corn

Cod Fish Jade Dumpling

Prawn Baby Fungus Dumpling in Cordyceps Flower Soup

Pork Black Truffle Bun

Egg Tart

Deep-Fried Yam Puff

Pan-Fried Radish Cake with Shredded Yam

Pan-Fried Gyoza with Shanghai Rice Noodle

Pork Dumpling in Spicy Sauce

Deep-Fried Smoked Duck Prawn Spring Roll

Porridge with Beef Fillet

Porridge with Spinach Peanuts

Porridge with Clams

BBQ Platter

Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin

Radish Cake ‘Typhoon-Shelter’ Style

Charcoal Grilled Iberico Pork Neck Garden Green

Crispy Pork Belly with Garlic

Icy Japanese Vegetable

Baked US Escargot with Cheese